The genius hack to get every drop out of your concealer

Think you’ve used up every last drop? Think again

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 25 2017

Running out of your favourite beauty buy is never fun, especially when theres clearly still product in the tube but you just can’t seem to reach into the corners of the packaging to get it out. So, when we discovered this genius hack to get the last drops from one of our top go-to products, we were delighted.

Beauty blogger, Teresa Tam came up with a simple but clever method to get maximum product out of her beloved tube of NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. It involves using a knife to remove the ‘stopper’ that prevents excess product from spreading onto the doe-foot applicator at the top of the tube. Rather than cutting the stopper off, simply take the knife tip and slide it underneath the stoppers edge to pop it off.

The 5th Ridge is the stopper

The 5th Ridge is the stopper

Teresa told Allure that she discovered the trick “after trying to scrape out all the excess product in the tube when the stopper was still in” and being frustrated that there was clearly a lot of product trapped at the bottom of the tube that she couldn’t reach.

Concealer with the stopper removed

Concealer with the stopper removed

Once the stopper has been removed, you will need a brush to scrape out the remaining product. Teresa recommends the “Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush because it’s thin and long enough to reach all areas of the tube.” For the moment Teresa has only tested out the technique on her NARS concealer but we have a feeling the method works on a whole number of similar products (just think of all the money you could save!).

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