‘Geo brows’ are the newest brow trend taking over

Hey Zendaya, mind if we borrow your brow shape?

Digital Beauty Editor / May 18 2021

Okay, okay, don’t panic: we’re not about to tell you that big brows are out now that you’ve spent a full year focusing on fullness. What we are about to tell you, however, is that if you’re not completely on board with a super fluffy finish, there’s another still-striking-but-not-as-intense option to play with: the geo brow.

Carolyn Fox (Aussie brow expert and founder of Garbo & Kelly) counts herself as a fan: “Personally I prefer this look where possible, as I always feel bigger is better with brows in proportion to your bone structure.”

So what is the look exactly, you ask? And what separates it from the bushy brows that have been ruling the arch world as of late? “While this look is still fluffy and flirty, this shape has structure and is strategically measured for lift and balance – hence the name ‘Geo Brow’,” Fox explains. “This brow look has a defined arch and a full tapered tail.” Basically, it’s just as big and bold, just a little bit sleeker.

Honestly, though, it’s taking everything in us to not refer to it solely as the ‘Zendaya brow’, because nobody else is rocking geo brows like her. Shay Mitchell and Lily Collins, however, are certainly hot on her (brow) tail.

So what are the secrets to locking in the look? Let’s get into it…




How to get geo brows

Basically the plan is to grow those bad boys out, and then perfect the shape once you hit your desired fullness. “First tip is patience, second tip – product,” says Fox, adding that a brow serum (like this one, perhaps) is great for getting the growth process started. “On healthy follicles, brow growth serums can accelerate growth for fuller thicker brows.”

Once you’ve got enough natural brow to work with, focus on your shaping strategy. “Do not over-tweeze and remember to be purposeful with your definition along the brow,” Fox advises. “Make sure you measure where your brow starts and finishes.”

“When DIY-ing, maybe use brow guides so you don’t overdo it. The Garbo & Kelly Brow Guides are especially designed for full brows – if you don’t want to fill all the way to the top you don’t have to and you can build as you grow your brows or brave this stunning look.”

Leaving the plucking to the pros? We recommend taking along some specific reference pics so they know exactly what kind of arch you’re after. Not a problem, though, considering our camera rolls are littered with Zendaya brow inspo pics as is. “In salon, be clear with your desired finish with your brow specialist so they understand your brow goal is a full, well-shaped, uplifted brow,” says Fox.

Brow Code Brow Gold Nourishing Growth Oil

Garbo & Kelly Brow Guides

How to fill in geo brows

“By wearing product every day you can create full brows, with pencil for coverage and pomade or brow powder to fill for density,” Fox explains.

“My favourite product for this look is pomade fill in, [but] the result is a dense finish, so if you prefer a more smokey take on the look, choose brow powder. Define along the brow with a triangular tip brow pencil – these are in between a pomade and brow powder and will give the brow definition. Your highest point should be above the iris and that is where you arch should turn – brow guides/stencils can assist for quick and accurate application.”

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

Garbo & Kelly Brow Powder

Givenchy Mister Eyebrow Powder Pencil

And of course, we cannot forget the final step to any great brow: “To tame and set, go with a clear brow gel,” says Fox – this formula is one of our faves, FYI. And you’re done; hello geo brows of our dreams.

Kosas Air Brow Clear Lifting Treatment Gel

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