‘Personalised brows’ will outlive any other trend, according to Kim K’s brow guru

Bespoke brows are here for the long haul

Digital Beauty Editor / August 11 2020

All too often in life we want things that are bad for us; cake for breakfast, cocktails on a Sunday, and in our latest revelation, brow shapes that do absolutely nothing to flatter our features.

But while the first two usually result in fairly short-term regret (stomach aches and hangovers certainly aren't fun, but at least they're temporary), choosing a bad brow shape is a decision that will leave you feeling (and looking if you've gone too hard in the tweezing department) downright displeased.

Because while you may have long lusted after a feathery, full pair of brows or arches sharp enough to slice, what you love the look of may not be the right fit for your face.

Just like your other features won't automatically resemble Megan Fox's if you replicate her particular shade of brunette, when crafting your brows, you have to remember you're choosing a look for you and your own gorgeous features.

Someone who knows all about finding your ideal bespoke brow? Anastasia Soare, the very brow genius behind two of our very favourite things; stellar brow brand Anastasia Beverly Hills and Kim Kardashian's incredible arches (which again, she achieved through finding her own perfect shape, so admire, but don't imitate). Here's what she had to say on the subject...

“Personalised brows are the biggest trend, [as] people are starting to realize that one brow does not fit all,” Soare explains. “Now more than ever, the definition of beauty carries with it a breath of fresh air, a fluidity. I think people will start to discard any and all beauty trends that don’t work for them personally. Beauty will be defined and celebrated by the individual.” 

“This happens to be the entire foundation of Anastasia Beverly Hills – using the Golden Ratio Shaping Technique, the shape of the brow is determined with three measurements and is tailored to each individual’s face and unique bone structure. Personalised brows will outlast any trend.”

As for how the method works, here are Soare's tips. "Brows should begin directly above the middle of your nostrils, end where the corner of the nostril connects with the outer corner of the eye, and the highest point of the arch should connect the middle of the tip of the nose with the middle of the iris," she advises.

With social distancing measures still in place, Soare says a minimalistic finish is key, especially right now while low-maintenance looks are our go-tos. “People are looking towards a laid-back approach to beauty, and I’ve already seen people reaching for a Clear Brow Gel to keep their brows simply in check,” she explains.

There is still one universal tip she recommends, though. “My biggest pro tip is that brows should be filled in ombre to look their most natural; lighter at the inner corners than the outer edges. If you’re unsure about your brow shape, I recommend using one of our stencils to help map it out.”

Main image credit: @kimkardashian

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