Brow trends set to dominate 2024

The new era of brow grooming

Content Producer / December 20 2023

As we delve into 2024, we can’t help but ponder how beauty trends will shift in the new year. The landscape of eyebrow fashion has never been stagnant so, in 2024, we can expect that select styles will dominate the scene. 

As we continuously move from one extreme to the other (let’s just forget 2016 brows, shall we?), it may just be time for things to settle down.

Here, we detail what to expect, as guided by Benefit’s National Brow and Beauty Authority, Samantha Tonkin.


Brows in 2024 will lie in the intersection between bold and natural. While we’ve teetered on both sides of the spectrum over the years, Tonkin predicts we’ll be playing it laid back this coming year. 

“We're seeing a trend where people are ditching the bold, structured look for something with a bit more finesse,” she said.

As we move on from the ‘soap brow’ look, “The new wave is all about those fine hair strokes that add a touch of detail without going overboard.”

As such, we can expect a shift towards a more natural brow shape. Rather than altering the brows into a specific shape, the dominant look will encourage individuals to follow the natural brow line and fullness. This approach celebrates the unique contours of each individual's brows, offering a fresh and authentic look.


Tonkin also assures brow lamination lovers that the popular treatment is not going anywhere in 2024.

She did explain, however, that it is evolving.

“We are currently loving the ‘Baby Brow Lamination’ trend.”

“Imagine the same lamination vibe, but even more laid-back and natural. It's like the cool, easy-going cousin of the classic brow lamination, and people are loving it,” she explained.

Essentially, it’s like using a clear brow gel without the need for actual daily application - sounds right up our alley.

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