Podcast: Easy tricks to speed up your morning beauty routine

beauty tips to get ready faster

Save minutes and leave looking polished

InStyle Australia Beauty Editor / April 04 2019

Never has a viral catchphrase resonated with women more than the ingenious quip: “Ain’t nobody got time for that”. With work, family and social schedules all seemingly growing more demanding, snagging 20 minutes in the morning to tong waves into your hair seems like a long-lost dream. Don’t even think about attempting a winged eyeliner on a Monday - ain’t nobody got time for that! 

During a busy morning, you may have to skip your 10-step skincare regimen, but you don’t need to sacrifice a polished finish. How? 

In the second episode of the Get Lippy podcast, the beauty brains behind InStyle Australia, marie claire and Beauty Crew discuss the tricks they use to speed up their morning beauty routines to get out the door faster while still feeling ‘done’. They even learnt a few things themselves! 

Tune in below to steal their top tips.

Bettina is the Beauty Editor at InStyle. Between trying the latest products and roadtesting a slew of treatments - she looks after the magazine's beauty pages. You also find her words on marie claire and Home Beautiful.