Suki Waterhouse spills her 7 best beauty secrets

Including the treatment “spiral” she wants you to stop

Editor / February 15 2023

As OG Twihards, it’s genuinely shocking that we would ever be more jealous of Robert Pattinson himself than of his girlfriend. But that’s how much we love Suki Waterhouse. Pattinson is basically the luckiest man alive to spend his days in her presence.

While the admiration has been going strong for some time now, her role as Karen Sirko (or Karen Karen if you’re in the know) in the television adaption of cult-classic novel Daisy Jones and the Six is set to take it to new levels.

And considering Waterhouse has worked with the best of the best on TV, movie and modelling sets, we’d bet there’s not a beauty secret under the sun that she doesn’t know. So while we’ve already stocked up on everything in her skin care routine, we’re now taking copious notes re: all the other beauty tips she’s blessed us with…

#1/ Sometimes you need to call in the big coverage guns

Concealer is a beauty bag’s biggest secret weapon, there’s no doubt. But Waterhouse has a tip for the times where a lightweight formula just won’t do. “Kevyn Aucoin [has a] really thick concealer for when you really just want to completely cover up – I love his eye stuff. If nothing’s strong enough, this stuff is war paint,” she shared in a chat with ELLE. Quite the endorsement! While the Kevyn Aucoin The Etherealist Super Natural Concealer ($50 at MECCA) does technically specify ‘super natural’, Waterhouse swears it’s seriously effective stuff.

Kevyn Aucoin The Etherealist Super Natural Concealer

#2/ Masks are fabulous in multiple forms

“I love feeling like I’m going to the spa even if I’m going to my room, so I do put masks on a lot,” Waterhouse told ELLE. “I like [the] Linda Meredith Enzyme [Peel] mask ($140 at Linda Meredith),” she revealed. “If I want [to] treat myself, I've got the CurrentBody LED Light Mask ($515 at CurrentBody), which is so good for just smoothing up my skin and really calming it,” she also shared with Fashionista. She’s down for a DIY moment, too! “[I also like a homemade] avocado [mask] for your face. I've definitely made [masks] before,” Waterhouse confirmed to ELLE.

Linda Meredith Enzyme Peel

CurrentBody LED Light Mask

#3/ Lash extensions can lead you down a rabbithole

Ah, lash extensions. We love the way they look for the first week, but after that… not so much. As it turns out, Waterhouse knows the struggle. “I used to wear eyelash extensions — I went through a real phase,” she told ELLE. “Now I'd say don’t touch them because I lost a lot of eyelashes. It's just a spiral; don't start. It looks good, but then it doesn't. They go in wrong directions. They poke into [your eye].”

#4/ The ‘60s serve the best inspiration

While the role she’s taking on in Daisy Jones and the Six is all about the 1970s, the singer tends to pull her inspiration from a different decade. “I'm into more of a '60s look. I flip between really simple or really extra,” she confessed to ELLE. “I really love Marianne Faithfull or Jeanne Moreau, a French actress.” One glimpse at snaps of Faithfull and Moreau, and it's easy to see where Waterhouse picked up some of her beauty signatures...

Marianne Faithfull

Jeanne Moreau

#5/ Body wash can come in unique forms

Are we somewhat dubious of Waterhouse’s food-and-beverages-as-beauty-products suggestions? Yes; she did indeed fool us all with the classic ‘I use Coca-Cola to wash my hair’ line – a claim she’s since admitted was meant as a joke. However, there’s one swap that does make a fair bit of sense. “I love having manuka honey in the shower as shower gel,” she once revealed. Okay, valid! Not only does manuka honey’s moisturising nature mean it’s gentle on skin, but it also has the ability to kill off bacteria that can cause body odour or acne. Clever…

#6/ Always make your makeup multitask

A makeup product being used for one use only?! You won’t see any of that in Waterhouse’s routine. “[Makeup artist] Mary Greenwell taught me to use bronzer around the eyelids. She doesn’t really mind using a product for something else, like dabbing lipstick on your cheeks,” Waterhouse told ELLE. Waterhouse, for example, puts this hack into practice with her favourite blush. “[I use this trick with Blush Infusion in] Fresco from Laura Mercier ($60 at MECCA) because I am super into not having too much stuff on me,” she shared with Harper’s BAZAAR. “I would so much prefer to just carry one thing, maybe not even a brush and then I'll just use my finger and put in on my eyes and on my cheeks. It's not [even] like a blusher, it's almost like a contour. I also like using a bronzer on my eye because they're quite earthy and neutral, I can use them everywhere so it's more of a natural thing going on."

Laura Mercier Blush Infusion in Fresco

#7/ Having high-low foundation options will serve you well

We all love a fancy foundation formula, but it’s not always possible to be applying your expensive stuff on a daily basis. Waterhouse is well aware of this fact, revealing to Fashionista that she has two foundation favourites; one a luxury buy and one from the pharmacy. “I think [Giorgio] Armani Luminous Silk [Foundation] ($105 at Sephora) is my [top] foundation, and then if I need to grab a foundation from the drugstore, I probably get L'Oréal [Paris] True Match [Foundation] ($20.39 at Chemist Warehouse) or something like that,” she shared. Good tip – this way you can save the pricier stuff for special occasions, or just mix in a smaller amount with the bargain buy for your daily base.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

L'Oréal Paris True Match Foundation

Main image credit: @sukiwaterhouse

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