Gigi Hadid shares her makeup routine in a Snapchat tutorial

The model has some serious skills

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

Between her recent collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger and the announcement that the model will be walking in her second Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Gigi Hadid is well and truly the name on everyone’s lips right now. So when the model took to makeup artist Patrick Ta’s Snapchat to demonstrate on her friend Alana exactly how she does her makeup, we were excited to pick up a beauty trick or two.

Given Gigi is one of the faces of Maybelline New York, it makes absolute sense that her kit is stocked with the products and they're her go-tos for this tutorial. She starts by applying a foundation base, blending with a sponge (it looks like a Beautyblender to us) while explaining that “everyone has redness, so just don’t feel bad”. She continues by applying Maybelline New York Bronzing Liquid in a ‘3’ shape, starting from the centre of the forehead and moving down the hairline, along the cheekbones, back and around the jaw and chin to create a gorgeous bronzed look. After the liquid bronzer, she moves a powder to finish, and we spy the Maybelline New York Master Contour Palette being used to enhance her friend's glow.

Makeup artist Patrick Ta, who has been in charge of filming and narration for this tutorial, adds: “If your foundation is a little bit too light, you just want to bronze the perimeter of the face, so it’s kind of like reverse contour”.

Gigi then finished the look with Maybelline New York Lip Studio Color Blur in My-My Magenta on Alana’s lips. Ta adds, “the most stressful part is lining it, but now that it’s lined we can just go ahead and fill it in.”

We’re impressed with Gigi’s mad makeup skills and hope she shares more makeup how-to videos in the future.

 Video credit: @hadidnews

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