This hack will give you perfect winged liner every time

And it only takes 10 seconds

Beauty Crew Contributor / August 28 2020

Mastering winged eyeliner is a technique that has taken us years, and its one were still likely to mess up at least 50 per cent of the time – from one eye’s liner being thicker than the other, to a tiny smudge resulting in liquid liner everywhere and us having to start again. So, when a beauty blogger by the Instagram name @mercedesbenssz showed us a sneaky little hack to get the perfect flick every single time, we were keen to give it a go. Our favourite things about this hack is you can achieve the perfect flick in seconds, and it uses a tool you most likely already have in your beauty kit.

The blogger’s how-to video showed her applying liquid liner to the end of a pair of tweezers that had a curved tip. She then proceeded to line up the end of the tweezers with her eye and presses the liner-covered side of the tweezers flat onto the outer edge of her eye like a stamp. She then used the eyeliner brush to finesse the cat-eye shape, using small strokes to join the stamped line up to her eye. It’s that easy!



While were fairly used to having tweezers around our eye area, from plucking brows to applying false lashes, we do recommend stamping slowly and carefully to ensure a sharp line, as well as to avoid poking one’s self in the eye! 

If youre looking for an update on the classic winged eyeliner, this graphic liner trend is amazing!

Main image credit: Getty

Video credit: @mercedesbenssz


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