Hailey Bieber's crafty foundation hack will change the way you do your base

AND the brush you use

Editor / January 31 2023

Finding a new Hailey Bieber-approved beauty hack is like finding gold. And after her makeup artist Mary Phillips' signature contour-before-coverage hack went viral, Bieber chimed into the conversation via a TikTok of her own, applying her daily face using the method. "the mary P contour trick forever," the rhode founder captioned the video.

But that wasn't the only creative technique in action; Bieber actually did something rather interesting when applying her foundation. After mixing two pumps of her base with two pumps of some type of illuminating primer (perhaps even her own rhode peptide glazing fluid), she didn't apply it straight to her face. She didn't even mix it on the back of her hand. Instead, she applied it directly to her palm.

Yep, straight onto her palm. Sure, we've all put our palms into action when physically applying foundation with our hands, but we've never turned our palms into mixing palettes. Could it be the secret to Bieber's eternally incredible coverage?!




Why does Hailey Bieber apply foundation to her palm?

TikTok creator Kelly Strack broke down the possible reason why. "When I saw Hailey Bieber pump her foundation into the palm of her hand I was like, ‘what is she doing?’. But she actually might be onto something. The palm of your hand is the only place on your entire body that doesn’t have pores, [so] your foundation is not going to sink into the palm of your hand. Such a good hack."

It actually makes perfect sense! Not only does it help you avoid any pore congestion, but it also allows you to make sure your foundation matches your general skin tone before taking it onto your precious face, and warms up the product, helping it to glide onto skin extra seamlessly.

What foundation brush does Hailey Bieber use?

The brush Bieber was using caught our eye, too. It looks like the Hourglass Veil Powder Brush ($98 at MECCA) to us; an interesting choice considering she was using it to apply liquid products. It's clear from her usual makeup looks, though, that she prefers a soft, diffused foundation look, and this could well be how she achieves it. It's double-sided, but it seems she relies on the larger, fluffier side for her fresh finish.

HOURGLASS Veil Powder Brush

So we're setting our 2023 foundation resolution now: apply only with a giant fluffy brush, and only once it's been blended to perfection with the perfect amount of primer in the palm of your hand. It's what Bieber would want.

Main image credit: @haileybieber

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