Hailey Bieber's latest TikTok has made a compelling case for sitting in an ice bath

In the name of glowing skin...

Beauty Editor / June 01 2023

Let's face it: Hailey Bieber could sneeze and we'd obsess over how she did it. But honestly, can you blame us? The woman can't set a foot wrong when it comes to her style, skin care routine or 'clean girl' makeup aesthetic. Thankfully for us, she's not one to gatekeep when it comes to sharing her latest and greatest beauty tips (ahem, tretinoin sandwiching).

And with a new week, comes a new insight into how Bieber stays looking so sparkly-eyed and refreshed.

Hint: it's not something you can pick up in a tube. Sorry.

While most of us spend our Wednesdays glued to our ergonomic office chair, Bieber spends hers sweating up a storm in what we believe to be her very own at-home sauna. 

In a video shared to her TikTok, the Rhode founder took us through her "wellness Wednesday" routine which consisted of interval sessions spent in a hot sauna before cooling right down in a cold plunge ice bath.

Sure, on paper this mightn't sound like everyone's cup of tea, but take one glimpse at Bieber's glowing, flushed complexion and you'll be banging down the door of your local spa to sweat out everything you've got. Trust us.

So, aside from looking fresh-faced and healthy, what actually is the point of a sauna and cold plunge? Whether used in combination or in isolation, both temperature-altering practices will offer a range of incredible health benefits.

As with any new practice that concerns our health, it's important to consult with your doctor before getting started.

What are the health benefits of a sauna?

  1. Stress relief: Saunas promote relaxation by increasing blood flow to muscles and triggering the release of endorphins (the "feel good" brain chemical). Expect a similar sensation to the one after you've completed a rigorous workout. 

  2. Detoxification: A good sweat sesh can facilitate the elimination of toxins from the body through the skin (one of the body's primary detoxification pathways). If you're feeling a little clogged up or are in need of a reset, don't overlook a sauna to complement your acne-clearing skin care routine

  3. Cardiovascular benefits: By raising our temperature, we can induce a temporary increase in our heart rate and dilation of our blood vessels. Both of these effects have benefits which may contribute to the improvement in cardiovascular health and reduce our risk of cardiovascular disease. 

  4. Pain relief: The heat from a sauna can work towards alleviating muscle tension, joint pain, and even headaches. 

  5. Relieve congestion: The hot air in saunas can open up airways, providing relief for individuals with respiratory conditions such as asthma, chronic bronchitis or just a persistent winter flu.


What are the health benefits of a cold plunge?

  1. Improve circulation: By submerging into cold water, you will instantly constrict blood vessels. This process works to enhance circulation and deliver oxygen and nutrients around the body. 

  2. Reduce inflammation: For a quick recovery from physical activity, an ice bath will help to reduce muscle soreness, inflammation and swelling. 

  3. Increase energy and boost your mood: Okay, so the moments before stepping into an ice bath might have you feeling anything but happy, however, exposure to cold water can stimulate the release of endorphins, increase alertness and provide a natural mood boost.

  4. Improve immune function: Cold water immersion has been associated with temporary increases in immune cell activity, potentially strengthening the immune system's response.

If you're not quite ready to immerse your body into a freezing cold bath, the same benefits can be drawn from an ocean swim. 

Main image credit: @haileybieber

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