Hilary Duff dyed her hair bright blue while quarantining


Talk about a self-isolation makeover

Beauty Crew Junior Digital Content Editor / April 14 2020

While many of us have joked throughout this quarantine about making drastic changes to our hair, we have, for the most part, kept things relatively tame – filing away any hair-inspo ideas for when it’s safe to make a date with our hairdresser again. Despite the overwhelming advice from hair professionals to LEAVE OUR HAIR ALONE, it didn’t stop celebrity, Hilary Duff, from taking matters into her own hands. 

Over the weekend, the actress took to Instagram to debut her new bright blue locks that are noticeably shorter, and of course, brighter than her signature ‘do. Whether she really dyed her hair or is simply sporting a wig is still TBA, with Duff avoiding the logistics behind her hair change altogether. Instead, she accompanied the slightly blurry pic with a simple “yea” and shrug emoji.

Regardless of the truth, it’s obvious that Duff is capable of pulling off any hair colour, and the actress’ fans certainly agree. Duff’s followers were quick to flood her post with comments like, "If that's a wig imma be real mad cuz that color is gorgeous on you," and "SO BEAUTIFUL." 

Even her hairstylist, Nikki Lee of Nine Zero One Salon approved of her new colour, writing "Yep! You did it!" in support of her new look.

Although we still recommend consulting with your hairdresser before you make any permanent decisions, there’s no harm in experimenting with some temporary hair dyes to help you achieve Hilary Duff’s knock-out look! Even if it’s only for a little while. 

If you’re bored in the house and you’re in the house bored, try out the best temporary hair dyes for commitment-phobes.

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Elyssa Kostopoulos is InStyle Australia, marie claire and BEAUTYcrew's Junior Digital Content Editor.