Hilary Duff just underwent a *major* hair transformation

Hilary Duff platinum blonde hair

And documented the entire thing

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / August 28 2020

While many of us prep for winter by purchasing a gazillion jumpers or stocking up on ALL of the ultra-rich skin care products, for Hilary Duff it’s just the right time for a hair transformation. A “winter white” hair transformation, that is.

While she’s been our ultimate balayage hair inspo for what feels like forever, the actress has decided to say goodbye to her iconic highlighted locks, switching things up for a crisp, icy blonde hue to celebrate the festive season. And it looks So. Darn. Good. 

The best part? She gave us a blow-by-blow of the whole thing on Instagram Stories (of course!) - and by the looks of it, it ain’t no walk in the park!

Hilary’s transformation took pretty much an *entire* day, and it looks like an utterly exhausting process, TBH.

Celebrity hairstylists Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee were behind the whole transformation and can be seen in Hilary’s first clip, painting countless strands of  hair with bleach and wrapping them in a million foils. “You guys really love me, hey?” said the actress. “Cause this process is horrible!”

Note taken!

As the foils pile up on her head (seriously, there are so many), the Younger star joked, “This is insane…my Martian hair”.

After her foils were removed, you can catch a glimpse of her significantly lighter locks - and Hilary is actually lost for words (and so were we!) – her hair looks SO different! “This is crazy, guys. Wow. Who is this person?”

As if the long process up until this point wasn’t enough, next came the really not-so-fun bit. In the next clip the star is shown with tiny flame emojis surrounding her head, as she comments on the less than ideal burning sensation on her bleach-covered scalp.

“This process is horrible,” she told her followers. “This feels like hot flames on my head. Those who bleach their hair all the time knows what I’m talking about. This is horrible.” 

Yep - that does not sound like a good time.

Luckily it was totally worth the pain, because just look at the final product:

In her Instagram Stories, Hilary shared another shot of her new platinum blonde hair, writing, “The winter white out is complete. What a process…@nikkilee901 + @riawna I truly love you guys.”

When asked about Hilary's hair transformation Lee said, "We tagged teamed her color the same as we did when we took Selena platinum. This allowed us to work quickly and efficiently to maintain the integrity of her hair. Her go to products to maintain this winter white are: Raindrops shower filter, a purple shampoo, and Magic Myst, which is leave-in vitamin elixir to re nourish her hair."

“She’s never been platinum before, and she loves change. This winter white compliments her skin tone and she looks stunning with that baby glow!” added Capri.

It looks like the star may have also had a bit of a chop in the process, too. Those face-framing layers are *dreamy*.

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What do you think of Hilary’s hair transformation? Are you a fan of her new platinum locks? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Inset credits: @hilaryduff

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