How sea salt spray can transform curly hair

How Sea Salt Spray Can Transform Curly Hair

The bathroom cupboard staple is more versatile than you might think

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / March 15 2018

Those with curly hair will know all too well the struggles associated with taming your mane. Be it the cooler weather drying out your hair to the point where it feels coarse and brittle, or the hot weather (and the humidity that comes along with it) leaving you looking like Monica Geller in Barbados after an intense ping pong match (not a Friends fan? Basically we’re talking about some SERIOUS frizz), curly hair often comes with some styling baggage.

That’s why when Goldwell Master and Professional Trainer and KMS Ambassador, Neil Barton told us sea salt spray was one of his favourite products and one that makes styling curly hair a breeze, we were all ears. Here he shares the three different ways you can use sea salt spray to transform your curly hair.


Boost volume

Any curly-haired girl will know that flat and limp-looking roots don’t look good alongside bouncy lengths. That’s why boosting volume at the crown of your head is so important. To do just that, Barton recommends focusing your sea salt spray on your roots and your roots only (if you don’t want to leave your lengths without product he suggests applying a touch of heat protectant to the lengths). 

For best results, “spray it onto the roots of your hair when it’s wet and leave it to dry naturally before spraying some more to build volume up,” says Barton.  

If you’re on the hunt for a new sea salt spray, Barton recommends KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray. We also love Bumble and bumble Surf Spray and Kevin.Murphy Hair.Resort.Spray.

KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray


Add texture

According to Barton, two of the most important things when applying sea salt spray on curly hair is to spray it when your hair is wet before then scrunching or squeezing the product into your strands (rather than running your fingers through your curls to work it in). Not only will this method help you build texture, but it will also ensure your curls stay in tact and bouncy.


Create loose waves

If you want to relax your curls without relying on your hair dryer or straightener, Barton suggests “twisting big sections of hair – try two sections at the front and four at the back – before spraying each with sea salt spray, securing into a bun and leaving to dry.”  

It’s also worth noting that you can twist your hair different ways for different results. For instance, “if you want more of a vintage feel, twist your hair forwards, towards your face, and if you want more of a modern look, twist each section back towards the nape of your neck,” Barton explains.

TOP TIP: Twist your hair in the evening before bed to wake up with perfect loose curls the next morning.

Still struggling to tame your curly mane? Then this genius hack for blow-drying curly hair might be just what you need.

Do you have any other nifty uses for sea salt spray? Let us know what they are in the comments below.

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