4 ways to age-proof your hair

The tricks to great hair, even when you're going grey

New Idea Contributing Editor / April 06 2017

As you age, your hair gets harder to manage, and what used to work for you may no longer suit your change in hair texture and colour. But it's possible to achieve amazing hair at any age; just follow these tips from celebrity hairdresser Franck Provost.


Prevent thinning hair

With age, hair growth slows – and the hair that does grow becomes sparse and fine. You can improve density with volumising products like TRESemmé Youth Boost Fullness Emulsion Spray and minimising breakage by using styling tools on lower heat settings. Shorter styles with layers can make your hair a look full and improve manageability.

TRESemmé Youth Boost Fullness Emulsion Spray


Embrace grey

Hair turns grey when the cells stop producing pigment due to age or stress. But why not embrace it? Highlights and lowlights offer dimension and guard against flatness. Lighter tones of champagne, ash, silver and
 a very pale blonde work well and create the illusion
 of full, healthy hair.
 Use light-reflecting
 hair products to
 maintain radiance
 and natural shine.
 Try John Frieda 
Clear Shine
 Luminous Glaze.

John Frieda Clear Shine Luminous Glaze


Restore your dry hair

Oil glands don’t produce as much sebum as we get older, which means hair quickly becomes dry. Oil-based products can help combat this, but try reducing the use of heat styling tools – they will weaken your strands. Instead, be sure to use moisturising shampoos and conditioners. We like Essano Argan Oil
 Of Morocco Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner.

Essano Argan Oil Of Morocco Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner


Strengthen brittle hair

Hair becomes brittle and loses its elasticity with age. Eating foods rich in omega-3 and 6 fatty acids – such as oily fish and avocado – will help hydrate the scalp and strengthen follicles. Try using a conditioning masque at least twice a week, like A’kin by Al’chemy Ginkgo & Jojoba Intense Moisture Masque.

A’kin by Al’chemy Ginkgo & Jojoba Intense Moisture Masque

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