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New Idea Contributing Editor / November 22 2016

You already know you shouldn’t use shimmer eyeshadow if you want to avoid bringing attention to fine lines around your eyes, and that certain makeup shades will help you look young and radiant. But did you know that changing the way you style your hair can rejuvenate your appearance for a more youthful look? Celebrity hair and makeup artist Dale Dorning – who boasts the likes of Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Megan Gale among his superstar clientele – shows us how to achieve a perfect ‘do.


Turn up the volume

Adding volume is the perfect combatant to ageing hair. Yet many women make the mistake of concentrating volume on top of the head. “The face actually looks more drawn when there’s too much height,” Dorning says. Instead, add width by using a volumising spray and a hairdryer. We like Matrix Biolage VolumeBloom Full- Lift Volumizer Spray.

Matrix Biolage VolumeBloom Full- Lift Volumizer Spray


Opt for a failsafe bun

You can’t go past a classic bun. “Try doing a single, textured braid down the back of the head. Secure with an elastic and then fashion it into a low chignon. That way, it’s a bun with an edge to it,” explains Dorning.


Play around with your part

Shifting your part is a cheap and easy way to update your hairstyle. “Try flipping your part to the opposite side,” Dorning suggests. “I also find middle parts to be really youthful – especially when the hair has been cut in soft layers around the face.” For a defined part, run a tail comb like Krest Cleopatra Wide Teeth Tail Comb along the scalp.

Krest Cleopatra Wide Teeth Tail Comb


Embrace a ponytail

You’re never too old for a ponytail! But choosing a style that’s youthful and age-appropriate is all in the detail. “Have your pony sit either low at the nape of the neck or just below the crown,” Dorning says. “Then wave the lengths to give it a kick, or smooth it so that it’s pencil straight.” For a sleek, shiny finish, use Charles Worthington Shine Booster All Over Gloss Spray.

Charles Worthington Shine Booster All Over Gloss Spray

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