How to cover up dark circles

How To Cover Up Dark Circles

Advertorial: Brighten up your peepers in no time

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / May 21 2018

Whether you’re jetsetting around the world, staying up late binging on Netflix or just feeling stressed from the daily grind, your sleeping patterns can dictate how your skin behaves (or misbehaves). One of the biggest telltale signs of not getting enough shut-eye is dark circles under your eyes; you know, the purple semi-circles that appear jarringly against your skin and are super stubborn to get rid of.

Our solution for looking like you woke up all fresh and bright-eyed? Use a combination of these Clinique skin care and makeup products to help mask puffiness and darkness under the eyes. No one will even know you didn’t get your full eight hours of beauty sleep.


Perk up your eyes

A targeted eye cream can immediately hydrate and brighten up your eyes. Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream is not only boosted with caffeine to target puffiness, but it’s also rich in molasses extract and magnolia officinalis bark extract to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Squeeze out a tiny amount of the formula (about the size of a pea) and massage the product around the eye area, including over your lids, using the tube’s circular head applicator.


Create an even base

Next, apply a foundation that will cover up dark circles and even out your skin tone so you’re left with a flawless and healthy-looking base. Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer offers high coverage without feeling heavy on your skin or caking over time. Use the doe-foot applicator to apply the foundation onto your skin where you need it, then use your fingers to melt the product into your complexion and blend it.

TOP TIP: You may want to then go in with the sponge tip again to spot-cover areas that need a little more attention, such as around your nose.


Hide all signs of dark circles

If simply applying foundation wasn’t enough to conceal your dark circles completely then reach for a richer formula - and one that will keep those dark circles covered all day long. Clinique Beyond Perfecting™ Super Concealer Camouflage + 24-Hour Wear ticks all the boxes. Pick a shade that is an exact match to your skin tone and dispense a tiny drop onto a concealer brush (the Clinique Concealer Brush will do the trick). Draw a small triangle shape underneath your eye and fill it in. Then, use your ring finger to blend the concealer into your foundation.

GOOD TO KNOW: You can skip the setting powder! This concealer is waterproof, transfer-resistant, lasts for 24 hours AND won’t cake or crease.

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What’s your go-to way to banish dark circles? Tell us in the comments below.

Image credits: Sevak Babakhani

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