6 ways to get the most out of your perfume

Plus, how to know when it’s gone bad

Beauty Crew Editor / April 27 2016

Your perfume can be a powerful accessory. When you think about how a scent can have the power to change your mood, to enhance your outfit, and can even be picked to show off your personality, it’s important you get it right. 

But beyond that, once you’ve found your signature scent, there are a few tricks you should have up your sleeve to make sure you’re getting the most out of your perfume. 

Here are six things to do (and not do) to make sure your favourite fragrance is working as hard as it can for you.


Store your perfume in the right place

While your fragrance bottle may look beautiful on the vanity that sits under your bedroom window, that’s possibly one of the worst places you can keep it. Your bathroom counter is pretty bad, too. 

See, elements like heat, light and humidity (like the kind created from your morning shower) can break down your perfume, which will affect the intensity and quality of the scent, meaning you’re not getting the best result. 

So where is the best place to store your Balenciaga EDP? A cool, dry place that’s out of direct sunlight is going to be your best bet – so if your vanity sits far away from your window, you’re good to keep your fragrance there.


Spray your fragrance at the right time

If you’re spritzing you’re favourite evening scent just as you’re about to head out the door, you’re doing it wrong. 

The best time to spray your perfume is just after your bath or shower when your skin is still a little damp (but not too wet). The scent will adhere to the moisture in your skin, meaning those notes will stay more fragrant for longer.


Make sure your skin is hydrated

On the note of moisture, your skin will be able to hold onto those notes a lot more if it’s nourished and hydrated. Perfume will evaporate quicker off drier skin, so make sure your limbs are sufficiently moisturised by using a body lotion or cream regularly.

TOP TIP: Use your favourite perfume’s matching body lotion to enhance the scent even more.


Know where to spritz your scent

Most of us tend to spray our perfume on our wrists and neck, but there are certain areas to spritz your scent that will actually enhance the fragrance (and make sure it sticks around for a bit longer). 

‘Warmer’ areas of your body are more moist, and as you’ve learnt, moisture helps lock in your fragrance, so it’s a good idea to target your spraying to these areas. 

Besides your neck and wrists (your pulse points), you can also try spraying your perfume behind your ears, on the insides of your elbows, and even behind your knees. It sounds bizarre, but try it and you’ll notice a difference in how long your perfume lasts! 

Your hair will also hold onto the scent quite well, but if you’re concerned about the alcohol in your perfume drying out your hair, you can try a hair mist, like Dior Miss Dior Hair Mist.


Learn to layer your perfume

Layering your fragrance can help you make the most of your fragrance in two ways: you can use body washes, body lotions and body oils featuring the same notes as your perfume to enhance improve the longevity of your scent, or you can get creative and use different perfumes and scented non-perfumes to create your own unique scent. For example you can try mixing together Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia Cologne with Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Body Créme.

TOP TIP: If you’re unsure about mixing scents, try spritzing them on perfume blotter first to see how they work together.


Know when your fragrance has gone off

None of us want to throw out what seems like a perfectly good perfume, but notes that have been compromised are not going to leave you smelling as alluring as you’d like. 

So how do you know when to throw out your fragrance? Well, if you’ve had your perfume for more than five years, it’s probably a good idea to bin it. Besides that, take note of the colour of your perfume. If it’s different to what it was when you started using it, chances are it’s off. Another sign to look for is if the scent is slightly off – whether it’s a bit musty or vinegary, any change in the notes mean your fragrance is on the downhill.  

TOP TIP: The more empty space in the bottle, the quicker your scent will oxidise and turn, so if you switch between scents quite often, always buy smaller bottles.

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