5 ways to make your fragrance last longer

How to get more from your favourite scent

marie claire Contributor / December 05 2016

Fragrances are one of your more big-ticket purchases when it comes to your beauty collection, so you want to make sure you get the most out of every spritz. Here are five ways to make your perfume linger for longer.


Choose the richest concentration

Eau de parfums (EDPs) have a stronger concentration of oil than their EDT (eau de toilette) counterparts. EDPs tend to last one to two hours longer than EDTs.

Try: Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT or Marc Jacobs Daisy EDP

Marc Jacobs Daisy EDP


Spritz it on your pulse points

We all know that pulse points are ideal for fragrance, but also try the back of your neck, elbow and knee creases, as they heat with movement which draws out the scent. Or, if you dare go lower, wear it on the ribs and stomach because as body heat rises so too will your fragrance.


Opt for notes that linger longer

“The woody, oriental and bold florals are much stronger than soft florals and citrus fragrances," says Nick Smart, director for Agence de Parfum. "Scents with notes like sandalwood, musk, violet, rose and amber are more likely to last longer.” 

Try: Juliette Has A Gun Another Oud

Juliette Has A Gun Another Oud


Mist it over your hair

Fragrance can attach to fibres (which explains why we like wearing our partner’s jumpers so much), so your hair will naturally hold scent. However, to avoid the alcohol in perfume drying your hair, spritz on a brush and then run through.

Try: CHANEL Chance Hair Mist

CHANEL Chance Hair Mist


Layer your scents

Layering products with the same scent (body wash, body lotion and the like) will extend the wear of your fragrance as it reinforces their bouquet. Or try this tip from Smart: “Choose an unscented lotion [such as QV Skin Lotion] and spritz a little fragrance into it before applying.”

Try: Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle Body Wash

Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle Body Wash

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