Gigi Hadid’s makeup artist shares her top tips for nailing the 'fox eye' trend


And it's surprisingly simple

BEAUTYcrew Junior Digital Content Editor / April 28 2020

If you haven’t yet heard of the fox eye trend, we’re sorry to inform you, but you’re running a bit late to one great party! Taking over from the classic cat-eye, this trend rings true to the animal it’s named after, aiming to elongate and brighten eyes with nothing but a little bit of liner and lash work. 

While we’ve spoken in the past about how to achieve the look cosmetically, one of Gigi Hadid’s go-to makeup artists, Erin Parsons has broken down an easy way to recreate the trend without all the permanent baggage.

Taking to Instagram, Parsons shared a five-minute tutorial on IGTV, and it’s surprisingly simple to follow. All you need is a few key products; a black liquid eyeliner pen, a white eyeliner pencil, some micellar water, and a couple of pointed Q-Tips.

Starting in the corner of her eye, Parsons’ takes her Maybelline New York HyperEasy Liquid Liner and creates a sharp inward-facing triangle – sharing that it’s easier to use a liner with a super slim applicator tip. But if you don’t nail the ultra-thin lines straight away, there’s no need to stress. Here’s where your micellar water and Q-Tips come in handy.

"If you do have any flubs — it happens, it's eyeliner — you just take a Q-Tip and some micellar water… and then you just clean everything up," Parsons says. 

Moving on, she then takes to the outer corner of the eyes, creating an outline for her wing that is far lower than a normal cat-eye. "You're going to start at the outer part of your eye and you're going to pull outward, but you’re going very low because you're going to go on the bottom and connect [the lines].” 

Parsons’ then traces over the lines she’s already created to make them bolder, but instead of filling them in, she reaches for a white Tattoo Studio Eyeliner Pencil and uses that to fill in the gaps and brighten her waterline.

And just like that, you’ve mastered the fox eye. Now that we have an unprecedented amount of time on our hands, it’s the perfect opportunity to start experimenting, so why not get cracking?

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Main image credit: @erinparsonsmakeup

Elyssa Kostopoulos is InStyle Australia, marie claire and BEAUTYcrew's Junior Digital Content Editor.