Gigi Hadid debuts gothic brunette hair for her latest cover shoot

Yes, those are horns

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / February 15 2023

Besides her brief stint as a redhead, Gigi Hadid has always been the blonde Hadid sister. 

But it seems times are a-changin’.

First, let’s cast your mind back to a few days before Christmas. Sister Bella Hadid exchanged her signature dark tresses for a honey-hued, California blonde and has been spotted in various wigs since.


the radio tonight was hitting❤️

♬ original sound - Bella Hadid

And although just a few months have passed since then, Gigi Hadid’s already landed herself an equally shocking look that’s the antithesis of her icy platinum blonde strands completing the sister hair switch, if you will.

Sharing her cover for the March issue of Vogue Netherlands, a gothic brunette version of Hadid has her hair styled into dramatic swoops that float above her head like a pair of demonic horns, and stickers strewn all over her face.

Hadid’s hair undergoes a number of wild changes throughout the course of the shoot, yo-yoing between a bixie cut and waist-grazing, dead straight strands (all in a dramatically dark hue, of course). 

Hadid has yet to release any candid shots of the shoot, and as such, confirm or deny if the dark hair is here to stay. We suspect it's most likely a well-styled wig. But it’s still exciting to see celebrities try something new.

Remember when Hadid copied Sophie Turner and went red? We still think about it TBH. 

Main image credit: @patrickta

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