VIDEO: The prettiest date night makeup

Soft, feminine and utterly gorgeous

Beauty Crew Editor / April 11 2016

Whether you’re heading for a special Valentine’s Day date with your man, catching up for cocktails with your girlfriends, or have a special event, chances are you’ll want your makeup to look pretty.

So we brought in legendary makeup artist (and book author, too!) Rae Morris to show you how to create a date night look that’s soft and feminine. We wouldn’t blame you if you started wearing it daily.


Prep your skin and brows

Apply a light layer of foundation and lightly define your brows. At this point, don’t worry too much about covering any shine or blemishes – this will come later.

Prep skin


Prep your lids

Before applying your eyeshadow, lightly dust some translucent powder, as this will help the powder blend better and stay on longer.

Prep your lids


Apply your eyeshadow

Choose a shade that’s soft and pretty, and enhances your natural eye colour. Here, Rae has used a violet shade to complement the model’s green eyes. Use a soft, round brush and light pressure when applying the shadow to your lids.

Try: Rae Morris Eye All Rounder

Apply eyeshadow
TOP TIP: Instead of taking the colour right to where you want it to go, take it a little bit lower, and then use a clean brush to blend it up. This will give a much softer, more professional finish.


Add shimmer

To give your date night look extra radiance, add some shimmer to your eyes. Instead of applying a wash over your entire lid, use your finger to dab your shimmer right in the centre. Applying all over may leave your eyes looking puffy.

Next, use an angled brush to apply your shimmer at the inner ‘v’ of your eyes.

Try: Rimmel London Magnif’eyes Mono Eyeshadow


Add shimmer to lids
TOP TIP: Both gold or silver shimmers will work with all skin tones or eye colours, so pick the one that’s the same colour as the accessories you wear!



Use a concealer matching your skin tone to cover any imperfections, like blemishes or dark circles under your eyes.

Conceal undereyes


Apply blush

To keep your look youthful, apply the powder blush high on your cheeks and don’t smile when you do so. When you smile, you create lines around your eyes, and once you stop smiling, you’ll see the lines where the powder didn’t go in.


Apply blush


Add radiance

Use an illuminator to highlight only the highpoints of your face – your cheekbones, the top of your lip, and just under your brow bones. If you apply it all over, you run the risk of your skin looking greasy instead of illuminated.

Try: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

Illuminate high points
TOP TIP: Make sure you apply your illuminator with the part of your face in the light and not in shadows, as this will ensure you don’t overdo it.


Apply mascara

If you want your eyes to look more open and rounded, apply your mascara to both top and bottom lashes, and for more of a cat-eye effect, apply it only to the top lashes, making sure to fan your lashes out.

Apply mascara
TOP TIP: Use a metal comb to apply your mascara to the top-side of your top lashes, as this will help create much more lift from the roots


Finish with a natural gloss

A peachy-nude shade will suit all skin tones and will help even out skin tone while finishing off the look with a shiny, natural touch. Rae has used Inglot AMC Lip Paint in No 51.

Natural gloss

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