Recreate the easiest Fashion Week hair ever

The loose waves created by TRESemmé for BCBG require little to almost no effort

Beauty Crew Editor / April 11 2016

‘No makeup’ makeup took the beauty scene by storm last year, and we feel like this loose, haphazard and effortless wave created by Orland Pita, TRESemmé Hair Director for NYFW, at the BCBG Max Azria AW/16 show is the hair equivalent that you’re going to see everywhere.


Described by Pita as the hair of an, “Artistic dancer girl who isn’t really concerned with having perfect hair,” and given that it’s the kind of look that seems like, “you just went to sleep with damp hair and woke up with kinks in the right places,” this style relies on creating the right amount of volume and throwing caution to the wind when adding curl and wave.


So here’s how you can recreate it for yourself at home.

TOP TIP: Pita suggests creating this look in the morning when your hair has natural clumps in it from sleeping. The messier the better!


Add texture

If you’ve just washed your hair, it’s going to be a bit too silky soft for this look, so dry your hair if wet, and comb some TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Wave Creating Sea Foam through the lengths of your hair. This will help give your hair texture and add volume to the roots.


Dry it off

Use your hairdryer to rough-dry your damp hair.


Create waves

Take a small curling iron and, as Pita says, “start creating weird waves.” You want your hair to have ununiformed kinks, so they key to nailing this look is to not overthink where or how you’re creating your wave.

Pita suggest, “Just pick up chunks and wrap it around the wand. Don’t worry about smoothing it; it doesn’t matter the direction you wrap it around the curler or if you start right at the root or at the end.”


Hold your hair around the curler for a few seconds and let go.

TOP TIP: Your hair and curls shouldn’t look pretty and symmetrical. If it is starting to look too sleek, recurl a few sections at different spots and in different directions.


Soften the waves

To loosen the waves and have a flowing finish, use your fingers to gently brush the waves out. Finish off with a light mist of TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Ultra Brushable Hairspray for hold

TOP TIP: If your roots are lacking a bit of lift, use a small straightening iron to lift a few sections up away from the root.

If your hair is naturally more curly than wavy or straight, Pita suggests leaving your natural curls instead of trying to create a wave, and using a small straightener at the roots to straighten and create lift.


Check out our gallery for a behind-the-scenes look of TRESemmé for BCBG Max Azria AW/16


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