Expert tips to stop emotional eating

Step away from the Tim Tam!

Who Contributing Editor / August 11 2016

Emotional eating happens to the best of us. What starts out as a snack can quickly snowball into an entire packet of chips, a doughnut for something sweet and more than a few handfuls of nuts, because you just can’t seem to satiate your hunger. To help fight off the urge to emotionally eat and reset your diet, wellness expert Mandy Ingber shares her top tips.


Drink before you’re thirsty

Your body requires hydration to digest food, regulate your hormones and think clearly. Don’t wait until you are thirsty –by the time this happens, you’re already dehydrated. Sip slowly so your body can fully absorb it.


Eat regularly

Eat every three to four hours. When you wait too long to fuel your body, blood sugar levels drop and you can become emotional. Set your timer to go off after three hours to ensure that you are nourishing your body with regular meals.


Make friends with salad

Drink green juice daily to alkalise your blood. For lunch eat a large salad with lean protein and many colours –think red capsicum, purple cabbage, green olives, avocado, yellow squash. Snack on apple and add an extra cooked vegetable to your dinner.


Eat more dark green vegetables

Your heart requires the antioxidants and nutrients that you gain from dark leafy greens, as well as fibre from whole fruits and vegetables. Add a cup of kale or spinach to your morning shake. I like to throw in banana and mango to mask the taste.

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