Girl bossing is 'out' and wellness is 'in' in 2024

Australia's New Year's resolutions prioritise health and wellness

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / January 31 2024

When a new year rolls around, we make our resolutions and do our best to start the year off on the right foot. 

Some of us focus on our diet and exercise in an effort to get fit, while others attempt to make moves in their career.

But according to American Express' Amex Trendex report, which was released earlier this week, Australian's aren't too concerned about girl bossing their way through 2024. The report aims to narrow down the goals and priorities of the year ahead, and judging by the results, work life balance is going to be a big focus for 2024. 

Nearly half (44%) of employed survey respondents say they are prioritizing mental health at work more than previous years and almost three-quarters (71%) say having work-life balance is very important.
Amex Trendex

Goal: Better work/life balance

Post pandemic we're all looking for ways to find flexible working conditions, better work-life balance and adequate pay. However, 61 per cent of the employed survey respondents said they would rather have better work-life balance than higher pay, citing flexible hours, the ability to work from anywhere, more time off or vacations days as contributing factors. 

Half of those who were surveyed and employed said they are most likely to take a ‘workcation’ (53%) followed by ’bleisure travel’ (48%) in 2024, and if given the opportunity to work from anywhere, a quarter of them would prefer to work from a domestic (27%) or international (26%) destination.

Supplied by American Express

Supplied by American Express

Goal: Improved wellbeing

As might be expected, physical wellness and personal finance are the top focus areas for 2024 New Year’s resolutions. But evidently our toxic relationship with hustle culture is faltering, because finance goals were far less important to those surveyed than wellness resolutions. 

Eating healthier, participating in more outdoor activities, and trying a new health regimen collectively trumped our desire to become financially independent and empowered, and saving for a vacation.

We're also more interested in spa treatments and health regimens as part of our physical wellness resolutions than ever before, with survey results showing a genuine intrigue in infrared sauna, CBD, cryotherapy, gua sha facials and sound baths.

Three-fourths (75%) of survey respondents are likely to set New Year’s Resolutions in 2024, but one-third (34%) expect to quit their resolutions before the end of February.
Amex Trendex

Didn't bother making a New Year's resolution? Try a new haircut and colour or nail trend instead. 

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