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Hit download on Sally Hansen’s ManiMatch app, and go

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / April 15 2016

It’s happened to the best of us… you’ve purchased a nail colour that looks amazing in the bottle, but shocking on yourself. The solution? A clever phone app, like Sally Hansen’s new ManiMatch, that will let you try on a bunch of different colours, without spending a cent. Plus, you can even snap and share your look on your social media! Here’s how to use it…


Download the app

Go to your iTunes app or Google Play store and search ‘ManiMatch’. Then, tap download.


Scan your hand

Place your hand in front of the camera, above a plain background, and wait for the app to scan your hand.


Get matched

After scanning your hand, several different nail colours will pop up on the screen - they’ve been specially picked as your personalised shade recommendations.

It tracks the individual nuances of the user’s hands, analyzes skin tone, finds the nail beds, and photo-realistically simulates Sally Hansen’s nail polish shades, with shine.
Kristen D'Arcy
Sally Hansen
Global Digital Vice President


Pick other shades

If you don’t like the shades you’ve been matched with, you can pick some other colours from the Complete Salon Manicure, Miracle Gel or Xtreme Wear ranges to try on – just scroll down at the bottom.

TOP TIP: You can even try on Sally Hansen nail colours without actually applying them. Press the barcode icon in the top right corner to scan any Sally Hansen polish you like - this will come in handy if you’re having trouble picking the right shade at the shops.


Click to buy

Tap the “buy now” button to be directed to a page where you can shop for the product instantly.

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