The new-gen face mask that's basically like an icy pole for your face

Icy Pole Face Masks Are Now A Thing

Chill out

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / February 27 2020

These days, there’s an absolute smorgasboard of different face masks available on the market.

From sheet masks to rubber masks and charcoal foaming masks - there’s now way more masks on the market than there has ever been before.

But, we’ve just heard about a brand new mask that’s truly unlike anything we’ve seen before and we absolutely need to talk about it.

Introducing Chill from Synth Labs Intl. Check it out:

Nope, you’re not looking at a delicious icy treat, that is a frozen face mask.

Told you it was unlike anything we’d seen before! 

So how does it work?

The vegan-friendly mask comes with three components: a silicone vessel to freeze the formula in, along with a grass jelly formula and a grass powder that need to be mixed together prior to freezing. 

And, inspection of the ingredients reveals that the mask features a tonne of powerful skin lovin’ ingredients including Australian hemp, cica grass, sodium hyaluronate, snow mushroom, algae complex, Australian Kakadu plum, chaga mushroom, and last but not least, Japanese 24-karat gold.

Once the ingredients have been placed in the silicone vessel, mixed and frozen, the neo-cryo jelly mask is applied to the skin, delivering all the benefits of the ingredients plus tightening pores, reducing inflammation and sculpting the facial contours, thanks to the product’s icy nature. 

Excuse the pun but, how cool!

If you’re curious about how it all works, check out the below video that shows the product in action:

If you’re keen to try it out, the mask has just launched exclusively in Australia and is available at

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What do you think of this new frozen face mask? Would you give it a go? Let us know in the comments.

Main image credit: @bellahadid

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