You can now do your own *semi-permanent* hair straightening treatments at home

DIY Semi-Permanent Home Hair Straightening Kits Just Happened

Goodbye frizz, hello shine

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / September 27 2019

While browsing the personal care aisles of our local chemist recently, we stumbled upon one very intriguing new beauty buy: a DIY kit that promises to semi-permanently straighten your hair.

The product is named Kativa Hair Straightening Kit and it comes in a few different varieties: Extreme Care for damaged hair, Xpert Repair to repair split ends, and Extra Shine for, well, making your strands extra shiny.

And, it seems like the stuff may actually work a treat – with the caveat that you must be willing to spend the time properly following the instructions. The products have already started receiving a slew of positive reviews since launching in Australia at Chemist Warehouse just a couple of months ago, with some Chemist Warehouse reviewers even claiming the results are just as good as in-salon keratin straightening treatments.

“This treatment is an answer to my hair woes. Usually I spend two hours blow drying and straightening my hair. Using this product, to blow dry and straighten my hair now takes less than 40 mins. My hair is now not only straight but more shiny and healthy looking. Prior to the treatment my hair was frizzy, even after using expensive treatments. Would highly recommend this product if you want your hair to look super straight, to save time and money,” wrote one reviewer about the Extreme Care variety.

Meanwhile another reviewer said, “I’ve paid hundreds of $ to have keratin treatments in salons before and must say the result from Kativa has been equally as good. The time and effort was worth the result and the huge saving. Two weeks on my hair is still super smooth.”


So how does it work?

The kit involves a three-step treatment process that includes a straightening mask, post-straightening shampoo and post-straightening conditioner, which are enriched with keratin and cupuacu to rebuild damaged hair.

According to the instructions, once you’ve completed the three steps, you then have to blow-dry your hair “fraction by fraction” to activate the treatment’s straightening effect. After which, voila! Super straight locks for up to four weeks.

Best of all, if you’re keen to give it a go yourself, the kit is totally budget-friendly and priced at just $25.

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Have you tried any of the Kativa Hair Straightening Kits? Let us know in the comments.

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