Turn your foundation into a CC cream with this DIY beauty hack

The Beauty Editor Hack For A DIY CC Cream

Gorgeous, glowy skin coming right up

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / September 16 2019

There are few things we covet more than dewy, glowing skin. And, even fewer things we love more than discovering a DIY beauty hack that actually works! 

While recording the latest episode of our Get Lippy podcast, marie claire’s Beauty Director Sally Hunwick let us in on an absolute doozy of a beauty tip that combines ticks the box for both of these. 

Introducing DIY CC cream! The best news? You need just two beauty staples - and you most probably already own them.

“I’ve been adding a serum to my foundation. This is a really great way to effectively kind of make a CC cream at home. And, what it does is it gets a really flawless, no-makeup look,” explained Sally.

“I was given this tip from Anne Salome, [who’s] the National Makeup Artist at Clarins. She recommended adding a drop of serum, and you can do any serum, into your foundation.”

How clever is that?! 

Plus, besides giving you that elusive radiant, sheer coverage look, DIY’ing your CC cream using a serum has added skin benefits, according to Sally, who explains, “you're supercharging your foundation with these great skin care ingredients”.

It’s also a useful little trick that you’ll want to keep up your sleeve for times that you need to adapt your foundation.

“It's a great way to sheer out a full coverage foundation or make a matte foundation a bit more dewy. So, next time you really want that flawless, no-makeup look, take a pump of your favourite serum and a pump of your favourite foundation, mix them together, and you've got a glowy, beautiful look,” said Sally. 

To hear more about how to adapt your foundation plus when you should chuck your beauty products out and our exclusive interview with Elyse Knowles about her personal struggles with acne, tune into the latest ep of Get Lippy below:

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What do you think of this DIY CC cream hack? Do you plan on trying it? Let us know in the comments. 

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