Jodie Turner Smith's secret to surviving flying anxiety

The Gucci Bloom ambassador can’t leave home without it

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / December 04 2020

Jodie Turner-Smith recently added Gucci Ambassador to her resume, with the actress and new mum joining the illustrious cast of celebs like Dakota Johnson, Florence Welch, Lana Del Rey and Jared Leto as a face of their famous scent Gucci Bloom.

But in a recent interview with ELLE US, Turner-Smith revealed that scent has been an important part of her life prior to her ambassadorship, saying: “I love essential oils. I love lavender and that's what attracted me to Gucci Bloom, the floral scents.” 

“I love flowers that smell beautiful, and that definitely reminds me of my house in Topanga, because there's so much lavender there.”

In fact, the actress says she likes to take the fragrant flower with her when she flies, admitting she relies on aromatherapy to get her through any in-flight anxiety she may be experiencing while she’s away from husband (fellow actor Joshua Jackson) and their newborn daughter.

“Anytime I'm traveling, I harvest a bunch of lavender and make a little bag to carry it with me on the plane. It always soothes me.”

Though we wouldn’t recommend trying to sneak a bunch of flowers past customs at the airport, there’s something to be said about harnessing the calming olfactory benefits of aromatherapy –  simply pop an essential oil roller into your carry on luggage for some in-flight anxiety relief.

We recommend applying a roller like Aveda’s Stress-Fix™ Concentrate, which contains a blend of certified organic lavender, lavandin and clary sage, or ie: Stress Essential Oil Roll On, with an orange, mandarin, geranium, patchouli and bergamot blend, as needed to the chest and wrists.

Aveda’s Stress-Fix™ Concentrate

ie: Stress Essential Oil Roll On

Aromatherapy isn't the only in-flight self-care you should be practising - these are the 5 wellness rules to abide by when you’re travelling.

Main image credit: @jodiesmith

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