Kayla Itsines says this is her go-to solution for pregnancy stretch marks

People are going *nuts* over it

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / July 22 2019

While fitness queen Kayla Itsines is an open book on *everything* fitness, it’s pretty rare to find her harking on about her fave beauty products. So, when she does, you know the stuff is good.

And if you’ve got some persistent scars or stretch marks going on, or simply want to try and prevent them during pregnancy, this one is for you. Because she recently revealed her favourite natural product to help prevent pregnancy stretch marks - and we can confirm: the Internet absolutely lost it. 

Before giving birth to her daughter, the fitness queen shared a candid post about stretch marks, saying although she doesn’t yet have any on her stomach (she’s talked about stretch marks on her legs in the past), she regularly uses an oil that contains avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, macadamia oil, rosehip oil and acai oil to help keep her skin hydrated and smooth. (PSA: Hydrating ingredients are key to helping with tissue repair and keeping the skin soft and supple).

Naturally she received a zillion comments from her followers asking what product she was using, to which she replied, “It’s the Hermosa Co”.

And with those four little words, 1000 units of Hermosa Co Belly Oil were sold within the fortnight. Since Kayla’s post, The Hermosa Co has also gone international in order to meet the demand, with an additional 300 orders sent direct to the US just 24 hours after the brand went global. 

Not bad for a little Aussie start-up, huh?

Want to find out what other celebs swear by for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy? This is Rebecca Judd’s favourite stretch mark treatment (psst…it’s the same one Zoe Foster Blake swears by!).

Do you have a stretch mark product you love? Let us know in the comment section below.

Main image credit: @kayla_itsines

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