The K-beauty ‘overlip’ trend is replacing traditional lip lining

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Content Producer / October 25 2023

It’s no secret that South Korea is well ahead of the curve when it comes to beauty trends. Responsible for the emergence of the ‘glass skin’ trend, snail mucin, and the reinvention of toners, when a new K-beauty product or technique is declared, we listen.

The latest trend that has taken the beauty world by storm is the artful mastery of lip lining for a blurred lip effect. Labelled the ‘overlip’, the makeup technique utilises a crayon-like rounded lip pencil (larger than a traditional lip liner) to blur the lip line, rather than define it. The result is a natural, plump look. Essentially, it’s the elevated version of overlining.

Kylie Jener’s lip kits are a thing of the past when it comes to the ‘overlip’. Thanks to popular South Korean beauty brands such as Rom&nd and Colorgram, the K-beauty scene has witnessed a stark increase in these thick, rounded lip pencils, indicating the popularity of the trend.

As described by K-beauty-focused TikTok creator, @sarahkchey, the trend dictates that you “use a lip pencil to overextend the lip line”. She also explained that the difference between this rendition of lip lining and the traditional overlining method is that users are ‘blurring’ the border of the lip, instead of sharply defining it. The result, she says, is a “filler-like effect”. 

Complementing the ‘overlip’ lining technique is the concept of blurred lips. K-beauty enthusiasts have embraced the idea of soft, diffused edges over sharp and defined lines. Achieving this effect involves blending lip colors gently towards the center of the lips, creating a gradient that exudes a subtle, romantic allure.

Popular K-beauty brand Colorgram broke down the trend with the recent release of their ‘All-in-One Overlip Maker’ ($20.15 at Olive Young). According to the brand, blurring the edge of your lip before applying lip product gives the lips a fuller effect, “anchoring a soft blurred lip look”. The technique is expressed in their custom ‘how-to’ images.

Image: Colorgram

As pictured, the natural base shade adds a sense of shadow, acting as a natural extension of the lip line.

To achieve the ‘overlip’ look, we’ve rounded up the best K-beauty lip liners…

Lilybyred Smiley Lip Blending Stick

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Rom&nd Lip Mate Pencil

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Dasique Mood Blur Lip Pencil

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Colorgram All-in-One Over-Lip Maker

$20.15 at Olive Young

Main image credit: @roses_are_rosie

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