How to get glass skin using liquid highlighter

According to TikTok

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / March 28 2022

If you’ve ever struggled to apply liquid highlighter, you’re not alone. 

Whenever we try to apply the stuff to our faces, our makeup always ends up looking like a cakey, patchy mess in about two seconds flat.

Turns out it’s because we’ve been approaching the process all wrong.  And according to TikToker Amelia Olivia, our poor results are “because you are applying it directly onto your base.”

In a handy tutorial, the beauty guru gave us the lowdown on how to turn patchy liquid highlighter into glass skin, and it’s actually really simple…

“Apply it on to your hand like this,” explained Olivia in the video as she ran her applicator pipette over the palm of her hand to dispense a thin layer of liquid highlighter.

“[Then] use the bum of a damp beauty sponge to pick some [product] up and then tap off the excess,” she instructed. “Then press and massage it into the skin.” 

The result? “It’s going to melt in like butter and you’re going to get a glass skin finish,” she explained. 

“I apply it absolutely everywhere,” she said as she gestured to the high points of her face. “It’s going to make you look like you just have your skin care on. It is stunning.”

“If you struggle with liquid highlighter, try this and thank me later,” she quipped to her audience.

Want to see Amelia Olivia try this one out yourself? Check out her tutorial below:

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Main image credit: @ameliaolivia09

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