14 things we learnt from Kendall Jenner’s make-up artist

Victor Henao reveals the model’s favourite products and his best ever beauty tips

Beauty Crew Digital Content Director / May 25 2017

It’s not every day that Victor Henao, Global Director of Makeup Design for Estée Lauder, Kendall Jenners personal make-up artist, the king of the smoky eye, visits your office.

While he was in Sydney last month, we were lucky enough to have Victor Henao pop by Beauty Crew HQ and share his top tips and reveals Kendall’s favourite beauty buys.

What’s the best thing about working with Kendall Jenner?
The best thing about working with Kendall Jenner is her work ethic, how she always comes on set with a smile and leaves with a smile.

And what’s Kendall’s best feature?
Her eyes, or maybe her lips!

What has Kendall taught you?
Kendall taught me how to Snapchat. 

What’s Kendall’s favourite lipstick?
Either Lethal Red Lip Potion or Insatiable Ivory Lip Envy.

And her favourite foundation?
Double Wear To Go Foundation.

What are the makeup trends in New York right now?
Hottest trends in New York right now? Texture is in: so texture in the eyes, super matte lips, shiny skin.

Best eyeliner tip?
Go big or go home, do lots of it.

Cream or powder for contouring?
I love layering, so cream first and powder afterwards; but if you only had one, go powder.

Skin care or makeup for tackling enlarged pores?
If you’re going to use skin care do remember that it’s going to be a longer process for you to clear out your pores. If you’re going to use a foundation product or a foundation base, know that you’re going to get quicker and more immediate results.

Best tip for using bronzer?
Apply lots of it.

Best tip for a smoky eye?
Smudge it out and be really concise with where you’re applying it.

Best tip for using blush?
Smile and place it on the apples of the cheeks, or go 80s, real high.

Three tips that will change your makeup?
Rim the inner eye with black eyeliner, add bronzer to your crease on your eye and use a highlighter.

What makes a beautiful woman?
What makes a woman beautiful? Her soul.

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Inset images: @victorhenao

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