Kourtney Kardashian shares her favourite DIY lip scrub


And it sounds positively delicious

July 28 2021

Yes, quarantine is currently preventing us from visiting our favourite beauty professionals, but it’s also given us an unprecedented opportunity to become resourceful and recreate these self-care luxuries in the comfort of our own homes.

While consideration for our hair, nails and skin is at the top of everyone’s list, little thought and attention is actually given to our lips. As the weather gets cooler, it’s not uncommon to begin to feel the impact of the winter chill, and although we all have our favourite lip balms and moisturising products, it’s important to treat your lips like any other part of your skin – which means it’s time to exfoliate, guys!

One celeb onboard the at-home exfoliation bandwagon? Kourtney Kardashian, who shared her DIY lip scrub recipe via a Vogue video. An organic solution (obviously; this is the woman who didn't want 'chemical-filled' candy at a candyland-themed kids party), the scrub is a simple mix of equal parts anti-inflammatory honey, nourishing coconut oil and skin-buffing raw sugar. 
"I just keep these products in my bathroom so that I can make them anytime," she explained while swiping the mixture across her lips. Easy and effective!


And while silky soft lips are great in general, exfoliating your pout is particularly important if you have any bold lip colours in your future.

Kardashian explained that she loves to incorporate a lip scrub into her beauty routine, especially if she’s planning on wearing a super bright or dark lip, as it ensures the skin is incredibly soft and uncracked for perfect lip colour application.

If it means bagging a pout like Kourt K, you best believe we’ll be trying this simple DIY recipe this #SelfCareSunday.

However, if you prefer to leave the logistics up to the professionals, a few of our fave formulas include the LipMD® 3-in-1 Invigorating Lip Scrub ($24 at LipMD), the Fenty Beauty Pro Kiss'R Lip-loving Scrubstick ($25 at Sephora) and the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish ($25 at Sephora). Consider your silky smooth pout coming right up.

LipMD® 3-in-1 Invigorating Lip Scrub

Fenty Beauty Pro Kiss'R Lip-loving Scrubstick

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

Main image credit: @kourtneykardash

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