Kylie Jenner is launching YET ANOTHER beauty line

Because apparently billionaire status wasn't enough

Digital Beauty Editor / June 03 2021

First came cosmetics (remember the lip kit takeover of 2015?), then came skin care (which only launched into Australia pretty recently), and now Kylie Jenner, the beauty business's best-known billionaire, is gearing up to make her next move.

What is her new brand, you ask? Honestly, our first guess would have been hair. Or at least wigs; we know she's a big fan of those, and anything mane-related would be the final point of the makeup-skin-hair triangle, after all.

But no, Jenner's placing her focus on a smaller area (in a literal sense; the market itself is massive). Yep, she's dropping 'Kylie Baby', a company whose name leaves very little to the imagination as far as the 'who' (Kylie) and the what (baby products).


Jenner announced the launch quite subtly, too, simply posting a ridiculously cute snap of daughter Stormi alongside the caption "bath time with @kyliebaby." But while the tag sent followers right to the newly created Instagram account, it's currently completely clear of content.

The power of a Jenner-backed brand, though, is already apparent, as the account boasts a whopping 379k followers mere hours after her post.

So, what will the Kylie Baby collection contain? Jenner's post seems to suggest bath-time buys will definitely be included, but we'd guess that anything from baby shampoo and moisturiser to diaper rash ointment could be on the agenda. We swear, only a Jenner could make us long for the days we can buy diaper rash ointment.

We're sure it won't disappoint, whether you'll be buying it for your own bub or giving a seriously cool baby shower gift – this isn’t Jenner’s first beauty brand rodeo. We can't wait to find out more...

Main image credit: @kyliejenner

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