Kylie Jenner announces arrival of second baby with adorable photo

Stormi is a big sister!

Editor / March 22 2022

When Kylie Jenner officially welcomed her second baby to the world with partner Travis Scott, we had to wait days for the name reveal.

In the first official Instagram announcement, baby number two joined sister Stormi in a black and white photo of Stormi holding the newborn's hand.

The caption of Jenner's initial post read: 2/2/2022 with a blue heart emoji, hinting at the gender. And while a video tribute titled 'TO OUR SON' has since confirmed he is indeed a boy, the name is still up in the air.


"Isn't his name Wolf?" You may be thinking. And you'd be right in doing so considering Jenner posted the name "Wolf Webster" accompanied by a white heart emoji on Instagram Stories shortly after the birth announcement.

But in a new development, the 24-year-old has taken it back.

"FYI our son's name isn't Wolf anymore," she wrote via the very same platform. "We just didn't feel like it was him. Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere."


Since the birth of her son, Jenner has been relatively quiet on social media, only recently returning to share how she's feeling post-partum. "This experience for me personally has been a little harder than with my daughter," she revealed to her followers. "It's not easy mentally, physically, spiritually, it's just crazy."

It's the most candid she's been in a while, so we're hoping we won't have to wait too long before knowing the new name for her son. 



Although, it's quite likely to be revealed on the family's new TV show The Kardashians. Guess we'll be tuning in...

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