Kylie Jenner just shared a filter-free selfie for the first time in AGES

“No filter baby”

Digital Beauty Editor / October 27 2020

With a billion dollar business, the cutest kid ever, an incredible glam room and too many Birkin bags to count, Kylie Jenner’s life definitely looks pretty damn perfect from the outside.

That’s the thing though, right? Sometimes it looks too perfect – girl loves an Insta aesthetic, and so it’s rare to see content from her that's not filtered and finessed to the max.

And hey, we love seeing a glossy swatching video or an incredibly immaculate selfie as much as any Kar-Jenner fan, but we must admit that the filter fatigue does start to set in after a while.

Sometimes we just crave a bit more transparency, you know? Yes, we’ve seen Jenner makeup-free quite a few times (and are absolutely obsessed with her freckles), and that’s generally the way Jenner goes: either fully natural, or completely the opposite. Not particularly helpful for those of us trying to get a glimpse at what her latest makeup releases actually look like in action, now is it?

So, imagine our delight when she took to the ‘gram to share a quick video of herself in her signature full glam, but – wait for it – without a filter (FYI, we're coining this 'The Lizzo Effect'.

While she looks absolutely incredible (and we’re putting in a formal request now for a truckload of whatever she’s applied in her inner corner), there’s no denying it: she has pores, people, and TBH we're stoked to see it.

We’ll admit that it’s a little bit wild that we see sharing non-filtered pics as plucky these days, but the thing is, it totally is. We’ve become so used to seeing everything on social media through Paris-filter-coloured glasses that it’s almost a shock to the system when our eyeballs are hit with something authentic.

At the end of the day it’s just nice to see what real foundation looks like on real skin - considering Jenner runs a massive makeup brand, it’s pretty fitting, too – we want to see how the makeup looks on a face, not how a filter does.

*It also happens to be a nice reminder to not be so hard on ourselves when we don’t immediately transform into a baby doll face-filtered Jenner after applying our base – because hey, neither does she, and thats A-okay.

Main image credit: @kyliejenner

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