Lizzo says Instagram's beauty filters "freak her out"


Digital Beauty Editor / September 28 2020

"Look at this y'all, these filters freak me out," she said, showcasing the difference between a filtered aesthetic and an authentic one. "But y'all, I look like this," she laughed, zooming in to show her real (and still gorgeous may we add) face.

"The beauty that these filters give you is a nice thing — it’s cute, but if your skin don't look like this, if your nose don't look like this, if your lips don't look like this, if your eyes don't look like this — that's okay," she continued. "If you're watching this I want you to know you got that no-filter beauty."

We couldn't agree more – filters are fun and there’s nothing wrong with embracing an Insta aesthetic (or just checking what you’d look like with different hair colours, blush shades, or hell, even lip sizes), but it’s all about still being able to recognise your real beauty when the faux lashes and filtered skin drop away.

And remember, if it ever gets tough to do so, Lizzo’s always here to be your natural beauty hype girl.

Main image credit: @lizzobeeating

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