Laura Dundovic’s health secrets

The insider’s guide to this former Miss Universe Australia’s healthy habits

InStyle / May 25 2017

How she trains

“I try to do something different every day. If I mix it up, I find it more interesting. To clear my head, I run 5km twice a week and I try to incorporate interval training as it makes a huge difference to my fitness levels. My work schedule is irregular so playing touch football with the same people each week gives me a sense of normality. I also do yoga but my muscles are so tight from running it feels like I’m starting from scratch every time! Three times a week, I do a weights session at the gym; I feel most comfortable with my body when I’ve been doing weights and I’ve always thought it’s more important to be toned than skinny.”

What she eats

“I’m starving when I wake up so I have a bowl of yoghurt with nuts and honey. That fills me up until lunch when I’ll have a poached chicken salad. By mid-afternoon, I’m hungry again so I make a cacao powder and raspberry smoothie—I’m a chocolate addict and that seems to tackle the craving. I eat out a lot for work so when I’m home, I cook something healthy, like a vegie stir-fry. After dinner, it’s a sugar-free chocolate bar for my sugar craving!”

What the expert says

“Varied exercise is great for all-over muscle tone but Laura could add in a rest day to allow her body time to recover and regenerate. Too much exercise paired with a busy work life can stress your body so it’s important she keeps up her yoga. At all ages, it’s best to avoid refined sugars and complex carbohydrates so Laura’s doing the right thing by her body. There can be nasty additives and hidden fats in sugar-free chocolate bars; she’d be better off snacking on some full fat yoghurt and a small handful of berries.”

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