I tried the Liberty Belle Rx sleep mask that sold out 36 hours after it launched

And it's worth the hype

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / June 30 2022

I’m a big lover of overnight face masks. 

The concept of slapping a layer of the stuff onto my skin in the evening, sliding in between my sheets, and subsequently snoozing while my sleeping mask gets to work just really satisfies the lazy girl that lives deep inside of me. 

I’m even a fan of doubling up with a few different sleeping mask formulas for a cheeky multi-masking sesh. 

So when a newbie on the market – that sold out just 36 hours after it launched no less – landed on my doorstep, understandably my interest was piqued.

The product details

Introducing:  LIBERTY BELLE DATE NIGHT® Leave-on Deep Hydration Mask ($138 at Liberty Belle).

LIBERTY BELLE DATE NIGHT® Leave-on Deep Hydration Mask

Formulated with a slew of ingredients (such as ceramides, lipids, saccharide, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, squalane, vitamin E, avocado oil and acia sterols) that help to ensure hydration in the deeper layers of the skin as well as the surface, this revitalising pick reinforces and optimises barrier function too. Plus, papaya extract is included to encourage exfoliation and promote cellular turnover. 

This overnight mask also boasts an innovative non-sticky finish to ensure the formula stays on your face while you sleep and doesn’t transfer onto your pillow. Rest assured you’ll wake up refreshed, plump and youthful – the term beauty sleep takes on a whole new meaning with this stuff in your skin care arsenal. 

LIBERTY BELLE DATE NIGHT® Leave-on Deep Hydration Mask review

When it comes to testing skin care I don’t like to draw conclusions until I’ve had the opportunity to use the product for a few weeks. 

However, after applying a few pumps of Liberty Belle’s latest offering as a last step in my evening skin care routine, I woke up the next morning and immediately noticed a difference. 

My skin tone had improved, I also looked more hydrated, my fine lines plumped. The dark mark on my chin – a souvenir from my last hormonal pimple – had faded. 

Understandably I was shocked. Impressed, but shocked. 

I figured I’d better continue using the mask for at least a week before I delivered my review. So that’s what I did. 

The mask is suitable for application during the day as well as the evening, so I applied it in the morning too and found it sat quite nicely under my makeup. 

I think the flexibility of application is a big contributor to the results I’ve seen in such a short timespan. 

I religiously slathered on the stuff from AM to PM for about 10 days and saw a noticeable revitalisation in my complexion. My dullness and dryness was replaced with a glowy radiance and a glazed donut skin finish that would have Hailey Bieber in tears of joy. 

I thought I might be the only one to notice, but I received a handful of compliments from people in passing that reassured me it wasn’t all in my head.

LIBERTY BELLE DATE NIGHT® Leave-on Deep Hydration Mask Before & After

LIBERTY BELLE DATE NIGHT® Leave-on Deep Hydration Mask Before & After

The final verdict

I’d love to play the cynic and say the hype around Liberty Belle’s new face mask is all brouhaha, but I can’t. If anything I’m a little bit in love and I’m genuinely terrified for the day when the two bottles they sent me eventually run out. 

LIBERTY BELLE DATE NIGHT® Leave-on Deep Hydration Mask restocks Monday 18th July, but you can sign up for notification by email in the meantime via the Liberty Belle website.

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