I made the complete switch to natural haircare and here’s what happened…

Goodbye sulphates and silicones

November 09 2020

Whenever I’m asked about natural skin care, I can’t recommend Sukin enough. I’m a big fan of the Foaming Facial Cleanser and find the products effective and price-friendly, as well as eco-friendly.

But I hadn’t ever tried Sukin hair products before. And if I’m being honest, it’s because I don’t tend to favour natural products for every step of my beauty routine. I like the idea of them (I live to please David Attenborough), but I also like the idea of hair that’s healthy-looking, shiny and silky – a tall order for a bleached blonde of 3+ years.

Another thing holding me back? I knew that switching to natural hair products would take some ‘getting used to’ and usually I don’t have that kind of patience. But if 2020 has been good for one thing, it’s trying out new things without the pressure of showing up to social engagements.

So when Sukin asked me to take on the #10washchallenge and try the switch to natural haircare, it seemed as good a time as any.

After telling them about my hair type (dryness, frizz and lack of shine being my main concerns), they sent me the below routine to trial and review:

Step 1: Sukin Natural Balance Scalp Scrub

Step 2: Sukin Colour Care Shampoo

Step 3: Sukin Colour Care Conditioner

Step 4: Sukin Colour Care Lustre Masque

10 washes later and here’s what I can tell you about my natural haircare experience:

The shampoo was my favourite

So many people report a lack of lather with natural shampoo, so I was really surprised to experience a good amount with the Sukin one. Despite not containing sulphates (the synthetic ingredient responsible for the foaming action in other shampoos), it lathered generously and gently. In fact, the shampoo was my favourite of the lineup. It smelt really lovely (think fresh and naturally fruity) and always left my hair feeling clean and bouncy.

It does take time for your hair to adjust

At the beginning of my 10 wash trial, I did find my hair would become greasier at the roots quicker. I usually wash my hair every second day with no problems, but found when using the natural products I was tempted to wash every day. My ends were also fluffier than usual, so the adjustment period is almost the opposite of what you want. But as I persisted and the washes went on, my hair seemed to ‘detox’ and began balancing itself out again.

The conditioner gives a good dose of nourishment

Being blonde, my hair is prone to knots when washing and so when a conditioner doesn’t work, it’s hell. I usually apply conditioner to my mid-lengths to ends, wait a few minutes for it to do its magic and then comb it through. I was worried that without any silicone (the smoothing agent found in other conditioners) that I would have a hard time of it, but the Sukin conditioner nourished my ends well and loosened the knots so I could glide through.

The scalp scrub and masque help A LOT

The scalp scrub and masque actually solved a lot of the teething problems the transition to natural hair care comes with. Once I started including the scalp scrub weekly, the deep clean helped to extend the time between washes a lot. And whenever I found my ends a bit fluffy, I used the masque as a leave-in treatment, applying it to my damp ends just before blow-drying. It made a big difference in the smooth and shiny departments.

The final verdict

I really thought that I wouldn’t be able to get the same results from natural haircare, or that my routine would have to change. But after 10 washes, my hair began to respond to the new natural ingredients I was using and my scalp was staying cleaner for longer. My colour was well cared for too, as the range uses quinoa to help with vibrancy. This, combined with a purple shampoo every now and then to help with toning, and my blonde was better than ever. I also felt a lot better about what ingredients were being sent down the drain each time I washed my hair, something I’d never considered previously but am now very conscious of.

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