Lily Aldridge has a secret beauty project in the works

Lily Aldridge Parfums Beauty Launch

Here’s what we’ve uncovered so far

Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / July 16 2019

Celebrities bringing out fragrances is nothing new (Cher and Michelle Pfeiffer are just two of the latest to join the ranks), but it’s not often models get their chance to create their own - often they’re simply the face of one. But Lily Aldridge is making her foray into the beauty industry by doing things a little differently. 

Just the other day, she hinted at the launch of her own line of fragrances. Sneaking in a #LilyAldridgeParfums in the caption for this photo, we quickly did some digging around to see if there were any rumours floating around about the Victoria’s Secret model working on a fragrance range, and it turns out it’s been in the works for a while.

“Fragrance felt like a perfect introduction to the beauty world,” said Lily in an interview with WWD back in September last year. “I remember the fragrance I first used when I was in high school, the fragrance I wore on my wedding day, the fragrance I wore walking down a catwalk. They evoke sense memories and that’s why I love fragrance so much.”

Her fragrance brand is part of a new partnership between IMG Models and Inter Parfums Inc, and it’s likely Lily is just the first of many models to launch their own perfumes in the near future.

So what do we know about Lily's own fragrances? Unfortunately, no specifics on which notes will make the cut, but it’s been revealed her range is based on her worldwide travels and favourite scents (she has a sweet spot for florals, FYI), and there will be four perfumes initially, with more being added to the collection every three months thereafter. Wow! 

And, her fellow VS Angel friends are as excited as we are! Gigi Hadid and Martha Hunt both commented on the Instagram post, saying “Woooowwww can’t wait !!!!!! 🍃”, and “😍😍😍” respectively.

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