Lizzo shaved her eyebrows for the Met Gala

“I'm freaking out”

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / May 04 2023

Lizzo didn’t just attend the 2023 Met Gala, she was the evening’s entertainment. 

Personally, we love knowing that an entire ballroom of celebrities who gathered to honour Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy, (a man who once said “no one wants to see curvy women”) enjoyed the flutist stylings of one of the curviest women in pop music. *Chefs kiss*.

However, Lizzo didn’t just twerk while playing the flute to honour the memory of Lagerfeld (R.I.P sweet prince) —  she was really on her queen sh*t on Met Monday — she also shaved her eyebrows

A few days after the dust (and synthetic hair from Jared Leto’s cat costume) had settled, Lizzo shared a behind the scenes moment documenting the hair removal process.

“[I’m] shaving my brows for the Met Gala,” she said, with a decided nonchalance. “This is what's coming off,” she said, as she tilted her head to show off a thick line of white eyeliner that cut the tail of her eyebrow off. “That's not bad,” she said, her voice cracking. 

“We're f*cking crazy,” Lizzo said deadpan as her makeup artist Alexx Mayo started to shave off the ends of her eyebrows with a brow razor. “I'm freaking out,” she went on to say. “Bye b*tch, bye, bye,” said Lizzo, formally farewelling the tiny brow hairs that fell down her face. 

“Wow, damn,” she exclaimed as Mayo cleaned off the white eyeliner with a micellar water-soaked Q-tip and revealed her lifted arches.

Someone in the room can be heard saying, “I want my eyebrows to always look like that,” as Lizzo shared the “final product” with the camera.

Her face looked so lifted she could’ve passed for Bella Hadid. “Period”. 

Watch the full clip below:

@lizzo I shaved my brows. Jump scare ending #shavedbrows ♬ original sound - lizzo

Lizzo wasn’t the only one getting well-acquainted with a razor to prep for the Met Gala. Florence Pugh shaved all her hair off.

Main image credit: @lizzobeeating

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