Lucy Hale returns to her roots with new hair colour

We can’t decide which look we love best

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

Lucy Hale, as per usual, has been very busy providing us with all kinds of beauty inspiration. The other week it was glitter freckles and blue makeup, and today its a new cut and colour. The Pretty Little Liars actress, who only five weeks ago showed off a fresh blonde dye job, has revealed on her Instagram that she has returned to her natural black, as well as debuting a new short hair chop.

Lucy captioned the image; I go back to blaaaaaack. Thank you @kristen_ess for taking me back to my true self.


On the hair transformation, Lucys regular hairstylist, Kristen Ess told Glamour, "Lucy is so experimental and loves to play with different looks, which is a hair colourist's dream. But at the end of the day, those other colours will always feel like something you're 'trying out.' She is a brunette babe through and through. Short, dark hair is what makes her feel most authentic and comfortable.

We love the actresss return to her natural colour, but also cant wait to see what she tries next.

For more short hair inspiration, check out the actresss incredible red-carpet braid.  

Image credit: Getty; @lucyhale

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