Lucy Hale’s nighttime skin care routine involves 15 steps

Lucy Hale

And a good chunk of them are just focused on cleansing

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / March 05 2018

While many of us struggle with doing the bare minimum for our skin, Lucy Hale is over there going above and beyond and making us feel like bad skin parents.

Not only does she *actually* look forward to her nighttime skin care routine, but she also told Allure that it includes about 15-steps. Yep, she really likes her skin.

“It’s important to take care of your skin to begin with and then you don’t really need to do much to enhance what’s already there.”

And she doesn’t mess around – she starts her routine as soon as she gets in the car to head back home, removing the day’s makeup with a face wipe. “I take it off as soon as possible, I like to let my skin breathe,” she explains.

Once she’s home it’s game on, and boy is she thorough. Lucy pretty much takes double cleansing to the extreme and washes her face about four times at night.

She begins with applying a cleansing balm or cleansing oil in order to remove makeup, dirt and grime. She then uses a cleansing milk before moving on to an exfoliator (only on select days, of course). “Then, I typically do one more wash through with the cleansing milk,” she says.

But wait, there’s more! Yes, more. After showering, she hits up the ol’ micellar water and swipes a soaked cotton pad around her face. Why? I hear you say. “Because there’s makeup hidden in places you never think about.”

Not a panda eye in sight.

Going by her five step cleansing routine, we can only imagine how the rest of her routine stacks up!

If Lucy’s extensive nighttime skin care routine is not for you, try this fast and efficient skin care routine.

What do you think of Lucy’s extreme skin care routine? What are your skin care staples? Let us know in the comment section below.

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