This product will supercharge your anti-ageing routine

And odds are, you didn’t even know it existed

Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / May 25 2017

You’re all over youth-enhancing serums and you can’t live without your facial oil now that you know how beneficial it is to your skin. But there is one product missing from your anti-ageing skin care routine, and odds are you never knew it even existed. These single doses of supercharged serum, known as ampoules, are set to be the next big anti-ageing thing. Here’s why you should consider snapping one open, stat.

What are ampoules

Glad you asked! In a nutshell, they’re tiny glass vials containing a one-shot-wonder of powerful skin care emulsion, most commonly for the face. Why are they so effective? The highly concentrated ingredients are tightly sealed in a protected environment, to keep the hi-tech ingredients as pure and active 
as possible. “Ampoules are like a serum on steroids,” says Jenny Millar, Brand Manager for Babor Cosmetics Australia. “Since ampoules are formulated with a high concentration of powerful ingredients in each dosage, the effects are almost immediate. They’re four times stronger than a serum and up to eight times stronger than a moisturiser.” Even better, these micro-emulsions are absorbed instantly into skin as soon as they’re applied.

Do I need them?

A series of ampoules is ideal to supercharge your traditional skin care routine or prep for an important event. Ampoules deliver visible, prompt results with precision — ideal for tired, stressed-out skin that needs calming. So what type of ampoule should you choose? Firstly, consider your primary skin concern. “If you generally take care of your skin but require added hydration at times, use a course of hydrating ampoules.” Sensitised skin? Try a series of calming fluid ampoules to relieve irritation and redness. Just want to maintain top notch, luminous texture? “Integrate an ampoule regimen into your skin care routine once a month,” suggests Millar.

How do I slot them into my regular skin care routine?

Ampoules are best applied at night when your body slows down and skin shifts into recovery mode. “They’re designed to be used on freshly cleansed skin and before the application of your moisturiser,” advises cosmetic physician, Dr Barbara Sturm. Crack the top with a special ampoule opener to release the contents, or just carefully snap with a tissue. “Gently pat the fluid onto the skin and let it absorb fully — for about 30 seconds — before your night cream,” says Sturm. They’re the perfect way to give your skin a quick boost or use post-holiday for extra radiance, hydration and plumpness.

3 reasons to embrace ampoules

If you have sensitive skin: With top-notch hydration they help lighten the load of pollution that may have aggravated your skin. Millar adds; “Sealed ampoules allow the ingredients to be unaffected by preservatives.”

If you need to look your best, fast: Milestone birthday, wedding or work function? Ampoules are the perfect way to fast track to your best skin ever. Sturm suggests they’re best used daily in the lead up to a big event.

If your routine needs a boost: Maybe you’ve been skipping your serum step or falling asleep in your makeup. A series of ampoules will easily accelerate your skin care results.

Which ingredients give the best results?

If your skin is dry then hyaluronic acid is your hero ingredient. “Our bodies use hyaluronic acid to hydrate tissues. As we age, we produce less hyaluronic acid—one of the main causes of wrinkles,” says Sturm. Pigmentation and sun spots? Look for pure vitamin C. Inflamed, red skin? Try one with plant extracts such as marshmallow root.


Here are seven of our top anti-ageing picks, designed to target fine lines, dryness, dark spots, redness and more.

Best for a dull complexion
Thalgo Source
Marine Hydra-Marine Concentrate – These super hydrating ampoules boast active marine water. The result? A younger, healthier and much fresher-looking complexion, overnight. 

Best for wrinkles
Dr Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Ampoules – A hi-tech fluid of pure hyaluronic acid to supply skin with moisture at its deepest layers and help ease fine lines. 

Best for skin maintenance
Dr Hauschka Renewing Night Conditioner – Make your beauty sleep count and get cells turning over with this renewal booster for all skin types, brimming with natural actives.

Thalgo Source
Marine Hydra-Marine Concentrate

Dr Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Ampoules

Dr Hauschka Renewing Night Conditioner

Best for jet lag
Mesoestetic Anti-Ageing Flash Ampoules – This clever fluid helps brighten and rebuild fatigued skin fast with collagen, vitamin C and circulation-boosting mimosa tenuiflora. 

Best for loss of firmness
Babor Lifting Ampoule Concentrates – A popular choice, with one snapped open every two seconds. A tiny multi-tasker, they plump the skin with collagen-boosting peptides.

Best for dark spots
Ella Baché Radiance 
C Ampoules – This potent source of vitamin C helps even out sun-damaged skin. Just tip the powder into the brightening serum, shake and apply. One ampoule lasts two weeks.

Best for stressed skin
Estée Lauder New Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules – Twist these soft-cased ampoules open for healthier skin that’s strengthened against environmental stress.

Mesoestetic Anti-Ageing Flash Ampoules

Babor Lifting Ampoule Concentrates & Ella Baché Radiance 
C Ampoules

Estée Lauder New Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules

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