MAFS' Hayley Vernon shares her unbelievable body transformation


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InStyle / January 28 2020

This year’s 2020 Married At First Sight star, Hayley Vernon, has been preparing for her reality TV debut for the last few years.

The 32-year-old fitness fanatic has dedicated many hours in the gym to assist in sculpting and transforming her muscular body to compete in several bodybuilding competitions. But prior to starlet beginning her fitness journey, the MAFS future contestant spent money on a series of cosmetic procedures.

Her Instagram profile reveals that the Melbourne based finance broker underwent breast augmentation surgery in April 2018, sharing her recovery process with her followers. Hayley has since confirmed with WHO that she travelled to Thailand to receive the surgery – the procedure costing $4,500.

"I was training so much that I developed pectoral muscles," she told the outlet.

"I had little breast tissue left and I wanted to feel more feminine and more like a woman. I also wanted to boost my confidence and change how I felt about my body." 

Furthermore, the brunette breakout star also confirmed with the publication that she regularly gets lip and cheek fillers and was able to receive porcelain veneers before the final MAFS reunion.

Hayley isn't the first MAFS contestant to reveal the cosmetic procedures she's had, last year's star Jessika Power also spoke out on having lip fillers.

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