MAFS Jules Robinson used this unconventional body treatment to quickly slim down for the Logies

The weirdest part? It doesn’t require exercise

Beauty Crew Junior Beauty Writer / July 09 2019

When Married At First Sight’s Jules Robinson stepped out at the 2019 TV Week Logies the other week, we did a double take.

The popular reality television star showed off a MAJOR body transformation.

Earlier this year, Jules moved in with her MAFS ‘husband’ and now fiancé Cameron Merchant and copped a lot of attention from the public following her supposed weight gain.

“There's been a few photos of me. I think when you move in with someone, gone are the single life dinners of Ryvitas, and tomato on toast. You end up having proper meals. You put on a little weight when you're in love and you live with someone. I'm not pregnant. But I look forward to being one day," Jules told E! News.

Well, it seems she’s now ditched that extra weight. Check out her weight loss transformation for yourself:



So how did she do it? 

Rather than going for the usual punishing fitness regimen to slim down pre-Logies, Jules instead tried a more unconventional method known as the International Body Wrap at Nicole’s Beauty Salon in Double Bay, Sydney.

According to the Nicole’s Beauty Salon website, the International Body Wrap provides detoxifying, hydrating and slimming benefits and can be used as a one-off treatment, or for optimum results, in a series.

These are big claims but after seeing Jules’ new figure, we think the results speak for themselves. Apparently she lost 15 centimetres all over!

Now for the part we like most…

Instead of relying on this quick-fix option as a long-term solution (‘cause let’s be real, the results from quick-fixes never seem to last), Jules has also been upping the ante in the gym with Cameron.

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Would you try MAFS Jules Robinson’s unconventional weight loss trick? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Main image credit: @julesrobinson82