5 rules to follow when concealing around the eyes

5 Makeup Rules For Concealing Around The Eyes

Effectively camouflage dark circles with these pro tips

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / June 28 2019

Whether you’re someone who’s susceptible to getting dark circles or you’ve just had a bad run of insomnia, an application of concealer, especially under the eyes, can be a godsend to quickly and effectively hide any discolouration. However, there’s definitely a fine art to covering up the under-eye area. Here, makeup expert and La Prairie’s Special Guest, Filomena Natoli, shares her best tips on how much concealer to use for the area, how to apply it properly, and ways to prolong the wear of your formula. 


Apply with precision

Fact: It’s not necessary to apply concealer all the way around your eyes. “The exact point to apply concealer is the inner corner of the eye which makes a ‘C’ shape,” explains Natoli. “This is the area of the eye that usually has the blueish grey tones we wish to conceal.”


Always use a brush

It may seem cumbersome, but a two-step application is essential for a traceless finish when applying concealer around the eyes. “A concealer brush is useful to mark out and dab concealer onto the desired area,” says Natoli. “Simply dot the concealer in that area and blend slightly downward onto the cheek, pat and blend across. The concealer should sheer out at this point so it shouldn’t cake or sink into fine lines.” Try INIKA Vegan Concealer Brush.


Blend, blend, blend

It’s a no-brainer to blend your concealer into your foundation, but the secret to having it look absolutely flawless is *how* you do it. “The area under the eyes is delicate so I would avoid sweeping or pulling the skin in that area,” advises Natoli. “A gentle tapping or patting motion is best for concealer application. Also, blend downwards onto the cheek area. By doing this, you are bringing light and brightness to the face as well concealing any dark shadows.”


Go easy on the application

The key to concealer looking totally undetectable is to not pack it on too much. “Depending on the size of your eye, the tip of the concealer brush is usually enough,” says Natoli. “You can always go back and add more after the first application. Many make the mistake of applying concealer liberally across the under-eye area, all the way to the outer corners; this is where fine lines usually live, so remember your concealer should blend and sheer out in that area. It's much easier to add than to subtract. The La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation SPF 15 comes with a handy concealer brush, which is the perfect size for all eye shapes. The concealer is also exquisitely matched to the foundation colour and infused with caviar extract for added skin care benefits, as well as a seamless blend.” We also like L’Oréal Paris Infallible More Than Concealer. 


Set with powder if necessary

Wondering whether or not you need to set your concealer with powder to lock it in place? “It’s dependent on the skin type,” says Natoli. “If you’re oily in that area, a light dusting of setting powder can prevent your concealer from slipping. If you’re dry and experience flakiness in the under-eye area I would avoid setting with powder. The La Prairie Skin Caviar Loose Powder preserves hydration, as well as smooths the appearance of any pesky lines in the under eye area; it’s perfect for setting foundation and concealer for long wear.”

Now that you’ve mastered *how* to wear concealer under your eyes, follow our guide to picking the correct concealer shade. 

What’s your favourite under-eye concealer at the moment, and why? Tell us in the comments below.

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