Margot Robbie’s trying a different makeup look these days

She’s ditched her usual bronzed beachy vibe, and we love it

Contributor / May 25 2017

Australian’s golden girl Margot Robbie is the ideal beach babe, always looking incredibly radiant on the red carpet, and nailing the luminous, sun-kissed look that makes Margot, Margot.

But at a recent press conference for her latest film The Legend of Tarzan (where stars as none other than Jane), 25-year-old Robbie revealed a different beauty attitude. And we must say, we love this look in her.

The Wolf Of Wall Street actress mixed up her signature style by embracing a more classic and feminine look. She wore a matte pink lip that was paired with rosy cheeks and neutral makeup, which looked fabulous against her fair complexion. Her blonde locks looked virtually untouched, almost like she embraced her natural texture and waves.

It’s definitely a far cry from her customary golden skin tone that’s complemented by bronzed and golden palette, but we think this more feminine look certainly suits Robbie (yet, she could pull off anything!).

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